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Reaper Learn Level 2 DVD
Rehashes Sykes' other DVDs; has too...
See the bottom of this review for some important notes. Conclusion: This is a pretty decent trading DVD but there is not nearly enough video of Level 2 in action. As someone who has plenty...
lattamoney23 Shortstocking + TIMfundamentals
movie night
times funfamentals is great i think it is the bulk of his stradgy where you will lern the most i havethe tim fundamentals and love it cant say much for the shortstocking have not seen it but...
Darthtrader Level II Trading Warfare: The Undergroundtrader's Powerful Weapons for Winning
Full of information
First of all, this video is pre-decimalization. Some of the things he talks about no longer apply. He was talking about 2.5 point resistance levels and stuff, but that has nothing to do...