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Controversial Commentators

Bob Pisani
A CNBC reporter since 1990, Bob Pisani has reported on Wall Street and the...
Based on 13 Total Reviews
Bertha Coombs
Bertha Coombs is a general assignment reporter for CNBC, covering financial...
Based on 4 Total Reviews
Maria Bartiromo
Maria Bartiromo is an American business news anchor and interviewer. Since 1993...
Based on 24 Total Reviews

Recent Commentators Review

Tastylunch Rick Santelli
Hey Rick Santelli are you listening??!!!
You know I don't think CNBC uses Santelli properly. The dude comes from the floor, talks from the floor and acts like he is still trading on the floor. That's potentially useful as floor...
kblehman Larry Kudlow
Free Market Capitalists Unite!
Love him or hate him, you know exactly where Larry Kudlow is coming from. He believes in free market capitalism and its ability to "lift all boats." That's exactly what the economic success...
southlaketrader Greg Mankiw
He Is Why I Love Economics
I was able to get hold of some of his textbooks and self taught myself mid level economics. His material is so enjoyable and slightly better than Krugman's textbooks. Even though I am a...
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Commentators Categories